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Trent Barratt Physical Education  -
Charlene Bergen Art  -
Dennis Bergen Art  -
Trudy Blankenship Special Ed -
Matthew Bond Carpentry -
Randy Brooks Math -
Stacie Campbell  Choir -
Terri Casto Math -
Billie Culp Math -
Roger Culver Physics -
 Tyler Davis Speech  -
Jonathan Derryberry Special Ed  -jderryberry
Gabrielle Doherty English -
Kamireon Douglas Math -
Alive Espinoza ESL  -
Josh Factor Social Studies  - jfactor@mcdonaldco.k12.
Kristy Gilgen Business -
Beverly Goff  GED -
Will Gordon Counseling -
Rebecca Gray Special Education -
Robert Griffiths ROTC-
Cheryl Gwartney Special Ed  -
Chris Gwartney Alt. School-
Robert Hall AG -
Jeff Harrison Business -
Corey Henry Coach-
Casey Henson Science  -
Nicole Hudson Special Ed -
Emily Hutton Ag -
Patrick Hutton Science -
Denee Jones English -
Mark Kaufman Carpentry - mkaufman@mcdonald
Mike Kelly AUTO CAD-
Laurie Kinder
Kaisha Kline Science -
Shannon Kline Social Studies  -
Kacha Kuhn P.E -
John Kurtz Social Studies  -
Sherry Lemm Business
Ashlie Martin Math  -
Jordanna Mc Leod English  -
Dinah Mcall Business  -
Sheryl Madden Science -
Katie McKibben English -
Diana Mendez Foreign Language -
Brian Nelson Vocational Ag  -
Myriam Palmer Social Studies/Foreign Language -
Stacy Parks Math  -
Sarah Reynolds History  -
Phyllis Scoville English  -
Michael Shaddox Social Studies  -
Deborah Shaffer Family and Consumer Science  -
Blake Short P.E -
Lee Smith Physical Education -
Renee Smith Science -
Casey Spurlock Art -
Bruce Stancell Physical Education -
Darbi Stancell Math -
Joelle Stark Science -
Marie Strader Family and Consumer Science -
Roger Stoll ROTC -
Aaron Sumler Social Studies -
Leandra Tuggle English -
Matt Wallain Counseling -
Henri Whitehead English -
John Whitehead Social Studies
Charity Williams A+ Coordinator -
Susan Woods Foreign Language-
Emily Wooten Drama -
Brandi Unruh English -

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